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Meet GobLin

¿What is GobLin?

GobLin "The Pombero" is Linux for Governments, an specifically adapted
GNU/Linux operating system to the government administrative offices requirements,
incorporating Free Software tools.
It is based on the Devuan Operating System (Debian),
and contains the tools commonly used in government offices,
covering all the IT needs of a modern and efficient administration.

Realizing the Digital Transformation

Public administrations must be aware of cutting edge of innovations and technological paradigms.
With the vision of providing government offices with advanced management software and tools, we created an GNU/Linux operating system distribution, adapted to the requirements of a contemporary administration, incorporating the most recent Free Software tools.

  • Provides all the necessary resources in one single installation.
  • Has an intuitive interface for fast learning.
  • Provides a high degree of security and is resistant to viruses, malware, and ransomware.

GobLin encourages governments to have a unified, secure operating system, with standard application programs and respectful of open formats, which will always be updated to the latest versions, with automated backup copies, and without having to pay the repurchase of licenses for the use of privative software.



Based on Devuan (Debian) GNU/Linux. A modern 64-bit operating system that guarantees speed processing and higher productivity.


Has a Free license.
No reproduction or distribution costs.
Copy it freely.


Designed for government's offices. For its creation the better administrative productivity tools was selected.


With a modern interface, intuitive and user-friendly.

for the Electronic Government

The Directorate for Modernization of Management and Government Electronic of the Province of Misiones, brings GobLin GNU/Linux . A Devuan (Debian) system based operating system, specially designed for the administration and management of tasks public.

GobLin GNU/Linux was built on the basis of a robust, fault-tolerant operating system, widely used in internet servers, which guarantees the stability of the execution of systems, and on which other worldwide recognized distributions as Ubuntu or Mint are built.

Designed for Office Automation

GobLin GNU/Linux is done with the most current versions of the office productivity applications. Programs will never become obsolete because you will always have the updates on time.

GobLin GNU/Linux seeks technological sovereignty and fully complies with ISO/IEC 26300 norm, the Open Standard for Office Documents (OpenDocument), incorporating LibreOffice as an standard office suite.

GobLin GNU/Linux is made with Free Software. You can copy it, distribute it and adapt it to your own needs.

GobLin is Safe

Resistant to virus attacks, malicious software and ransonmware.

Uses the The GNU/Linux security architecture, separating the user's work environment from operating system functions.

Viruses and malware spread by others operating systems do not run on GobLin. The user's environment is isolated and limited so that the system cannot be tampered with maliciously.

Does not include telemetry that collects and transmits user activity to business servers, guaranteeing the privacy of data and actions.

We invite you to spread GobLin GNU/Linux

We want many more people to know and benefit from the features of this operating system. You can help by inviting others to visit the GobLin GNU/Linux website so that they can download it and use it on their computers.

Aditional Features

Our system contains many more features to make your daily work easier

Cloud enabled

Includes NextCloud , the client to connect to cloud-based work platforms, and corporate and private networks virtual with OpenVPN .

Documentary support

Regardless of the format of your documents, you will be able to access them in a transparent way. Whether they are in PDF, ODT, ePub or docx.

Automatic update

Use the latest versions available from the application software. Will always be up to date because it is automatically updated from our servers.


It is a mature system, tested and stable that guarantees the functionality of the hardware in a wide range of configurations and architectures.

Organizations already using GobLin

Your organization could be here

Preinstalled Software

To make your work more productive, GobLin already has pre-installed all the software you might need.


  • LibreOffice
  • Firefox ESR
  • Thunderbird + Enigmail
  • Lightning
  • Osmo
  • Calibre
  • NextCloud
  • OpenVPN
  • IPTux
  • Pidgin
  • Planner
  • PDF Arranger
  • Deja-dup
  • Gnote
  • Telegram-Desktop
  • Atril reader PDF
  • Gnome Maps


  • Synapse
  • KeepassXC
  • USBGuard
  • DosBox Emu
  • Stacer
  • Midnight Comander
  • File Compressors
  • BleachBit
  • Grsync
  • HPLip


In this section you will find answers to some common questions

  • In this operating system, the standard office suite used is LibreOffice , and the Word processing program is called Writer . In essence, it does the same as Word, but with a simpler interface. Additionally, LibreOffice complies with the requirements established in the ISO/IEC 26300 standard which sets the standards for office files automation.

  • To finish the tasks and turn off the computer, click on the shutdown the icon at the bottom right of the screen. You can also do click on the Main Menu button and select "Exit"

  • GNU/Linux is a secure system that guarantees the privacy of user data. If you do not remember your username or password, you will not be able to login in the system in any way. Immediately contact with the technician responsible for your agency so he can give you a new password, or eventually contact the Directorate of Modernization to request technical assistance.

  • Yes. In GNU/Linux the user has control of his software and you can choose from many options available. You can install Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Egde and many others.

  • We strongly suggest that you contact the technical administrator of your organization to install programs safely.
    Linux has an extensive library of programs that you can install and use completely free of charge, because it was developed under the philosophy of Free Software. Type synaptic in the search box from the Main Menu to access the available programs.

  • No, and maybe yes. Programs compiled for Windows do not run directly on Linux. However, if necessary it is possible to install Windows programs on Linux through a layer of compatibility called Wine.


An operating system designed for governments, founded on the Technological Sovereignty and Free Software, with the most modern computer applications, safe and free.

Dirección de Modernización
de la Gestión
y Gobierno Electrónico
Sarmiento N° 1867 piso 2
3300 - Posadas - Misiones

+54 (0376) - 444-7606